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Spouses and partners in life, art, and nature

Martin Hill and Philippa Jones


For over two decades, New Zealand artist and photographer Martin Hill has traveled to remote locations to create natural sculptures, working along with his spouse Philippa Jones. The two share a deep love of rock climbing and respect for the natural world.

“Joy is the essential glue. Joy in each other, joy in each other’s achievements, even joy in each other’s mistakes – we learn more from our mistakes.”

Martin Hill

“Since our work is about the interconnectedness of everything when things are not working we look for the connected cause and work out how to adjust it.”

Martin Hill

“I can say without hesitation that the combination of our similarities and complementary skills and approaches to life make our partnership work. Where we are similar is that we are both creative and we are complementary in the way we go about things. Occasionally this causes conflict but more often it results in harmony.”

Philippa Jones

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