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Spouses and cofounders of Not Impossible Labs and Not Impossible Foundation

Mick and Caskey Ebeling


Mike Ebeling, a film and television producer, cofounded The Not Impossible Foundation with his wife, Caskey Ebeling, to undertake enormous technical challenges in the service of others. Their achievements comprise prosthetic arms for teenagers in Ghana and a low-cost eye-tracking system for victims of paralysis.

“That the adventure that we’re on now is that we realize with the ebbs and flows of life as long as you’re grounded in those principles and those shared values of enjoying life, doing good, trying to do as best as you can in whatever it might be, sometimes it’s noble and sometimes it’s topical, but still trying to do as best as you can, I think that’s what kind of keeps us…It keeps us in the rowboat together.”

Mick Ebeling

“Together we go places that we wouldn’t individually have the fortitude or the insight to go to.” CE

Caskey Ebeling

“A partner who lets you live your truth.”

Caskey Ebeling
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