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Spouses, media innovator and environmental business champion

Pat Mitchell and Scott Seydel


Pat Mitchell has spent nearly four decades in national media companies, starting as a journalist and becoming the first woman president and CEO of PBS and then of CNN Productions. Her husband Scott Seydel has devoted much of his career to creating environmental awareness and stewardship.

“One of the things I learned from working with partners is you can’t let things go overnight. They go overnight, they… they’re worse the next morning. They’re not better. We generally try if something has come up during the day or the evening we try and talk about it and get it done before it’s time to sleep because I think I’ve… I learned that in business, but it seems to work well for us too.”

Pat Mitchell

“It’s a place in your head and your heart that is like a solid foundation, you know? It’s there and you don’t have to worry about it. You know all the parameters of it and you know you can depend on it and trust it so I guess the definition is it really is an important element in life.”

Scott Seydel

“I think that pretty much says why the partnership thrives is we are never bored, not for a minute, not with each other and not with life.”

Pat Mitchell

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