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Friends and cofounders of Malaria No More

Ray Chambers and Peter Chernin


Ray Chambers had a successful career in private equity before he devoted himself to philanthropy and a role at the World Health Organization. Peter Chernin is a leading media executive who served as President and CEO of News Corp. and Chairman and CEO of the Fox Group. Together they founded Malaria No More in 2006, which has prevented more than a billion cases of the deadly disease to date.

“Looking back over the last 14 years, the results are greater than anything I could’ve hoped to do in my life or certainly, that I’ve done or will do in the future. And I could not have done it without Peter by my side and that humor was part of what kept us going. Because we would run into frustrating brick walls and bureaucrats that really didn’t want to help children. And we would figure a way around it and then have a good laugh. And everybody that participated in those partnerships, those coalitions, are our friends today.”

Ray Chambers

“I have certain notions about partnership, mostly based on creative work that I’ve done. Where I’m partnered with writers or directors or film makers etcetera. But in this case it was very much Ray’s unique combination of extraordinary focus and determination married with patience. Which I don’t think I’ve ever seen in someone to that degree.”

Peter Chernin

“You can accomplish exponentially more in a partnership. And look, you go into these things to accomplish things, so that’s a big deal. But it’s also so much more fun, so much more satisfying if you can do it with somebody. They’re lonely long hours you put in these things and having somebody that you can look back on and say, hey we did that together, this is what we’ve accomplished together.”

Peter Chernin

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