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Family and activists for climate change and the new economy

Robin Chase and Cameron Russell


Serial entrepreneur Robin Chase, founder of the car-sharing service Zip Car, and her daughter, world-renowned fashion model Cameron Russell, share a passion for the environment and a dedication to fighting climate change.

“I started going farther and farther out. And as I went farther and farther out, because Cameron had been encouraging me to, it was stunning to me that the audience was more and more responsive. So suddenly I felt, what was a risky, and what I thought of as radical viewpoints, became not so radical.”

Robin Chase

“In a partnership that works really well, and you have a lot of respect for the other person, you leave a lot of room for potential. So you know what the other person’s good at, but you are ready to support and, you know, cheer on that other potential.”

Cameron Russel

“One of the things that partnerships do is that, no matter what kind of day you have, if you’re in a really strong partnership, you can take a lot of risks. Because when you come back home, you have someone who still likes you, and still thinks that you’re a brilliant human.”

Cameron Russel

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