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Brothers and cofounders of Golden Palm Investments

Sangu, Edmund, and Banguu Delle


Born into a family of activists and entrepreneurs in Ghana, Sangu, Edmund, and Banguu Delle believe that investing in local economies can lead to socio-economic transformation across Africa. After attending college in the US, Sangu, the youngest, started Golden Palm Investments ten years ago.

“Right, so what has driven us forward and what has allowed us to collaborate in ways and put aside all personal differences and just focus on how we can drive has been, it’s been this vision of what we want… We’re trying to create world class ethical businesses that will be able to draw the best talents to solve some of the biggest and most pressing problems we face on the continent.”

Sangu Delle

“Even if you have a foundation of trust and a foundation of respect you can’t take it for granted. You need to make sure that you nurture the partnership by, to me the food of partnership is communication. Communication, you always have to be open, transparent and communicate.”

Sangu Delle

“But I think I would, none of this would work, of course, if my brothers were not committed and are not committed to understanding why we’re doing this and why this is important. I think they understand and believe in a bigger vision of what we’re trying to do and as a result of that they have decided not to take things personally where we have disagreements and to focus purely on business, and then when we get home we can, you know, we can fight over whether you know, LeBron is going to win or Curry’s going to win, and for the record I won that argument.”

Sangu Delle
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    Sangu Delle | Quote on Transparency


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