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39th president and first lady of the USA, and cofounders of The Carter Center

Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter


President Jimmy Carter and wife Rosalynn Carter spent their lives together in partnership—in the White House from 1977 to 1981; through their lifelong commitment to diplomacy, human rights and mental health; and as peanut farmers in their hometown of Plains, Georgia. 

Mrs and Mr President

He learned to respect what I could do, and I learned to respect what he could do. I think his made a huge difference as I was very insecure about what I was capable of and Jimmy believed that I could do anything.

Rosalynn Carter

Give each other plenty of space; accept that you are going to be different people. Enjoy the things that you find you can do together, and be flexible in adopting that other person’s preference if you can, and try to resolve your differences each day… and respect.

President Jimmy Carter
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