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Siblings and partners in enriching the lives of youth through skateboarding

Tony and Pat Hawk


After a long career as one of the most talented professional skateboarders of all time, Tony Hawk has joined with his sister Pat to create the Tony Hawk Foundation to ensure access to quality, safe skateparks, particularly in low-income areas. Together they also lead Tony Hawk Inc. a global leader in action sports video games and other ventures.

“All the people that work with us are ones that we have trust implicitly, and that we share the same values, same ideals, and that we know are going to get the job done.”

Tony Hawk

“I think honesty is really important advice for someone that’s starting out in a partnership. That’s going to be key. Because… Especially, if it gets rocky, you’ve just got to speak up.”

Pat Hawk

“I think that my best advice for a partnership would be to respect each other’s individuality…You know, you want to each stand on your own, but also come together when it’s important. And realize each other’s strengths and weakness, and how you can help push those along. But realize that you’re stronger together, you know, above all else, that together, you’re going to make a better difference.”

Tony Hawk
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