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Wade Davis and Carroll Dunham


Wade Davis is an acclaimed Canadian photographer, author, and anthropologist, whose work focuses on indigenous cultures. Carroll Dunham is a medical anthropologist and writer, who has spent decades deeply immersed in the ancient wisdom of south Asia, studying Buddhism, and raising foster children in the Himalayas of Tibet.

“But when we liberated the individual from the collective that was a sociological equivalent of splitting the atom and we suddenly, in doing so, cast the individual adrift into a world that could be quite lonely. And in most cultures of the world the individual is still subsumed in the collective because without the collective he or she may well perish.”

Wade Davis

“I think, first of all, obviously, it’s the very simplest thing which is deep listening, I think a profound respect, a flexibility or a willingness to hear something that you may not agree with and try that on for a moment, see what it feels like, step into those other person’s shoes.”

Carroll Dunham

“You know, it’s to reach across that cultural divide and find common ground in a way that’s full of respect and honor and humor and decency and in a way allows us to feel the real wonder of what it is to be human and alive which is not something we should be taken for granted. You know, I mean, to be born into this world is to win the ultimate cosmic lottery so that’s something we should never forget.”

Wade Davis

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