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10 Insights to Deep Connection

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Partnering by Jean Oelwang compiles profound insight on how to forge the Deep Connections that make great things happen. 100% of profits go to the Plus Wonder movement.

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The world has become increasingly divided, yet we are all yearning for Deeper Connections, for more meaning in our lives.

This ten-part series will help you deepen your connections, experience more meaning and joy in your life, and learn how to bridge divides towards larger collaborations of purpose.


Find the Something Bigger that unites you with others

May Boeve believes partnerships have been key to the success of

“Not even one movement is big enough to confront climate change, so our model is groups of people all over the world who collectively make up this movement.”

May and her fellow cofounders of focus their energy and strategy on finding, uniting, and mobilizing the enthusiasm that already exists for the cause of climate change.

Find your Something Bigger


Revel in the wonder of your partnership

Sylvia Earle describes her Deep Connection with the ocean as “a constant state of curiosity, of wonder.”

The marine biologist and author founded Mission Blue, which identifies and protect the world’s “Hot Spots”—ecosystems that are vital to the health of the ocean and therefore merit protection.

Find how to go All-In


Magnetic connections

Carroll Dunham and Wade Davis, friends and anthropologists whose work focuses on the wisdom of indigenous cultures, connected over a deep compassion for human beings.

“It’s reaching across that cultural divide and linking hands and saying there’s this thing called universal love that we can all be part of,” says Wade.

Nurture your Ecosystem of Virtues

Listen to a conversation

Plus Wonder was honored to host a live conversation with partners Carroll Dunham and Wade Davis, friends and anthropologists whose work focuses on the wisdom of indigenous cultures. Watch as Jean Oelwang facilitates a conversation on how an ecosystem of virtues can deepen your partnership.

Listen to this conversation

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