Deep Connections

Plus wonder is an exploration of meaningful connections of all types – business, romantic, family, and friends.

Who are
who make
you, you

Who are the people who make you, you?

We’ve listened to and learned from over 60 partnerships of purpose, and distilled their collective wisdom into a set of insights and tools to help you build depth and purpose in your relationships.

We’ve also explored some of the greatest collective human achievements, and the deep connections at their core, to help you scale collaborations and organizations that will make a difference.

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The Six Degrees of Connection™️

We found commonalities in six essential elements across all types of partnerships – whether business, romantic, family, friends, or collectives – that nurture long-lasting relationships with a positive impact on the world.

  • Something Bigger

    Lift your purpose

  • All-in

    100% have each other’s back

  • The Ecosystem

    A moral ecosystem of virtues

  • Magnetic Moments

    Build your shared history

  • Celebrate Friction

    Turn conflict into learning opportunities

  • Collective Connections

    Scaled collaboration

These degrees of connection help us build meaningful relationships for
a better life, better organizations – and a better world.

Coming March 2022

by Jean Oelwang

Forge deep connections that
make great things happen.

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Jean Oelwang Author, President and Founding CEO of Virgin Unite
Jean Oelwang is the President and Founding CEO of Virgin Unite and a B Team Leader. She sits on the Advisory Council for The Elders and a number of Boards, including RMI, Ocean Unite, Just Capital and Virgin Unite.

Jean has been on a decade-long exploration to find out how to nurture relationships with depth and purpose. Deep connections shape who we are and have a profound ripple effect on everything we do, supporting us to achieve more, withstand anything, and amplify impact. Those enduring partnerships are the foundation of a meaningful life as well as the backbone of any successful organization and collaboration.

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Packed with wisdom to nourish the relationships that give us strength and meaning, Partnering is a profound call-to-action to forge partnerships in service of a greater purpose.

From hundreds of interviews with sixty great partnerships – ranging from business partners to friends, to life partners – who have made a profound difference, Oelwang offers new insight into how to build relationships that matter. She identifies six core principles including the all-important virtues that connect great partners, the daily rituals that they use to stay in sync, and the skills that allow them to disagree respectfully and productively.

Join us in building relationships that matter.

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